Dallas, Fort Worth Electric Rate Plans for Summer

By • February 7th, 2010

by admin Power to Choose Electric posted 2/7/2010

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Dallas, Fort Worth Electric Rate Plans for Summer

Dallas electric rate plans for summer. It is time to think about summer rates. Compare Amigo Energy and Startex Power for your Dallas or Fort Worth electric rate plans for summer. If you live in Dallas or Fort Worth Texas and you do not have  cheap Texas electric rates, it is time to do something about it. Electric rates are relatively low, so now is the perfect time to find a good rate and lock it in. Many companies like Amigo Energy and Startex Power have good one and two year rates. Not all companies have 3 year rates. If you think that electricity costs are low now and only going up later, maybe it is time to consider a three year electric rate plan. Affordable Energy has such a three year rate plane. You can check Affordable Energy electric rate plans by CLICKING HERE.

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Cheap Texas Electric Rates  Startex Power

Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) Texas gets pretty hot in the summertime. Most residents pay far more for their electricity in the summer than they do in the winter. In the northern parts of the USA, most energy costs are with heating in the winter. But, in the south. energy usage is all about the hot summers. That is from Galveston Texas to Dallas, Fort Worth, from Texarkana to West Texas, Midland, Odessa and El Paso TX.

What Electric Rate Plan do you Need?

So if rates are going up, as they usually do especially for month to month plans, it’s time to look into a good company with good rates, and great electric rate plans. Affordable Energy has great 1, 2 and 3 year plans. They are affordable as electric rate plans go for Texas. So if you need a three year rate, you should check with Affordable Energy. Affordable Energy has offices in Houston, in fact they are based in Houston, so it is nice working with a local electric company with offices nearby. Click on the Affordable Energy link above and see if they have an electric plan that appeals to you.

Payless Power 855-332-0571

Payless Power 855-332-0571

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Lock in Your Electricity Rate Today

Another company that deserves your attention is Startex Power. They right now have many plans that do not have a monthly fee on their electric plans. In addition they have very low rates especially  for 1 year plans and under. Click on their link above and see if they have an electric plan that is right for you. The whole idea is to get your low rates locked in now before prices start to rise. Once they do, it gets harder and harder to make a decision. it is just hard to lock in an electric rate when you have seen prices lower.

Need a Commercial Energy Consultant?

Call 432-853-0178

In my line of work as an Energy Consultant, I often meet small business owners that are too busy to keep up with their electric rate plans. They do not have time to see which companies are offering the lowest competitive electric rates. They are simply hard at work trying to make a living in these tough economic times. If you have a business LOWER YOUR OPERATING COSTS! You can pay for a few employees just by saving 20% on your commercial electricity bill! Call Us! 432-853-0178

I also meet with representatives of larger companies, sometimes they have branches throughout the state of Texas. Often times they are too busy to pay attention to the Texas electricity market and often times just allow an electric contract to renew. This is usually because they don’t have the time to properly take care of it. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

The Answer is an Energy Consultant

Just because a company is small, or is barely getting by doesn’t mean they should over look trying to get their best price for an electricity contract. I have helped company lower their bill so substantially, I have seen owners jump up and down and start hugging everyone. Just ask Marey if you don’t believe me. Trust me if you save over 25% on your bill as a business, that can help your business grow. Now you have money for advertising. Now you can make that upgrade.

Contact Our Energy Consultant

Give us a call at 432-853-0178, leave a message if we are on the other line. Or you can email us: consultant (at)cheaptexaselectricrates.com See if we can help you with the right rate, or if you use a million kWh or more, we can get you an energy auction. that is where many electric companies bid for your business.

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