$5 Dental CoPay

Looking for a Great Dental HMO? Look NO FURTHER!

Currently TX,CA,FL

HMO                                               PPO

  • No Waiting Period                                           6-12 Months Waiting Period
  • No Age Limit                                                     To Age 65 Usually
  • No Yearly Dollar Cap                                       1,000 to $1,500 (Usually)
  • No Deductibles                                                 Has Deductibles
  • Pre-Existing OK                                               Pre-Existing (Can Limit)
  • Covers 340 Coded Procedures                      Covers (Usually) 150
  • Only 6 Month Commitment                         1 Year Commitment
  • Complimentary Vision, RX Card, Hearing!
  • 5% Discount on Pet Insurance from VPI

For 5 Dollar Dental Co Pay check the link!


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